Yoshihiro Kaneda
This Web By Yoshihiro Kaneda & Shoichi Shiomi

Hi! How you doing? Now,I m in Tokyo. My name is Yoshihoro Kaneda, Japanese editor&writer.

Recently, I interviewed Scott Beale who makes fantastic website
"Laughing Squid".
I'm so crazy about it.

This is my latest book, named"Net Voice In The City". It was published by Ascii corporation,on April,1977.
If you have inetrest to me, Please send me E-MAIL. To: y-kaneda@rc5.so-net.ne.jp

I am the author and editor of two books. one is named "CyberReoluton" by Daisanshokan pub., another one is named "Kanziru Internet" by Ascii.

This is "Kanziru Internet". Japanese most unique web site 200 were selected. I was as the author and editor.

This web includes articles, arts, comix, and links.

About me.